Take Part in this year’s “Reverse Advent Calendar”.

Dear St. Andrew Family,
In order to make the Advent season very special this year, St. Andrew is going to do a collection for  “socially distanced” food baskets.  The baskets will be distributed on December 17 to families in need in the Rich School District, by Betsy Williams Food Service Director, who maintains a list of those in most need.  She will be providing a turkey to each family.  We have committed to fill 20 baskets.

Below is a list designed to help each of us celebrate the blessings of the season, while we build our basket.  The list is designed so that each day, beginning November 30, you will add one food item to your basket, or box, and spend a brief time in prayer.

The baskets need to be delivered to the church on December 16 (time to be determined) or you may request that we pick up from you. 

For my part, I plan to place an order for all of the items at once to be picked up at Meijer (orders over $50 free).  Many other delivery/pickup options are available, as well.

Please email us at: standrewchurchoffice@gmail.com if you are able to participate.  Or phone us at 708-798-8904.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Mary Lee H., Church Council Vice-Chair

November 30: BOX OF CEREAL. Pray for attentiveness to what truly matters, without being distracted by trivial things.

December 1:   JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER. Pray for opportunities to learn something new regularly.

December 2:   STUFFING MIX. Pray for discernment of how God would like you to set your priorities and the ability to focus on them consistently to fulfill His purposes in your life.

December 3:   BOXED POTATOES. Pray for the grace to be able to rest, become aware of God’s presence, and enjoy it.

December 4:   2 CANS OF FRUIT.  Pray for strong relationships with other people in the bond of a loving community.

December 5:   2 BOXES OF MACARONI & CHEESE. Pray for peace in all situations, no matter what the circumstances.

December 6:   2 CANS TUNA.  Pray for an enlivened imagination that helps you contribute to the world in creative ways.

December 7:   BOX OF BROWNIE MIX. Pray for freedom from all that burdens you – past mistakes, fears, destructive habits, hurts other people have inflicted, and more.

December 8:   CAN CRANBERRY SAUCE.  Pray for joy and a sense of humor.

December 9:   CANNED SWEET POTATOES. Pray for confidence in God’s love for you and trust in His power to work things out for the best in your life.

December 10: BOX OF OATMEAL. Pray for a clear mind and the ability to clearly communicate what you value to others.

December 11: 2 CANS OF CORN. Pray for purity so you can grow as a person and encounter God more fully.

December 12: 2 CANS OF GREEN BEANS. Pray for openness to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

December 13: BOX OF PASTA. Pray for a genuine awareness of God’s grace in your life and the humility to extend grace to others.

December 14: JAR OF SPAGHETTI SAUCE. Pray for a passion to pursue justice.

December 15: PACKAGE OF RICE. Pray for a thankful heart.

December 16: JAR OF APPLESAUCE. Pray that the joy of giving will stay with you through the whole Christmas Season and the New Year!

~ Prayers edited from Whitney Hopler’s “Pray for Simplicity this Advent ”