Come in - We're Open

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure the health and safety of all who participate in indoor worship and other activities:

1. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please do not enter.
2. To ensure safety for all worshippers, everyone over the age of 2 years must wear masks that cover the nose and mouth. If you’ve forgotten your mask, disposable masks are available at the entry. As you leave, please take your mask with you, or dispose of it in the receptacle provided.
3. Please maintain social distancing guidelines at all times in both the sanctuary and narthex.
4. As you enter, please sanitize your hands at the station provided.
5. There will be an attendance check-in as you enter, followed by hymnal pick-up. Please be sure that the greeter has your name and current contact information, so that we can communicate with you in case contact tracing is needed.
6. Only the chapel, narthex, sanctuary and lower level restrooms are open. All other areas are off limits for now.
7. At this time, the only entrance/exit is the main parking lot door (under the blue canopy), except in an emergency.
8. St. Andrew UMC sanitizes frequently touched areas, including used hymnals, and thoroughly cleans public spaces after each use.
9. In the event that you are diagnosed as positive for Covid-19 within 7-10 days of being in the building, please notify the Church Health Team immediately at: 708-798-8904 and/or