Have you heard God’s call in your life?

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“I’m not really sure,” is an honest response.

Sometimes we think we know what God wants for us. Sometimes our conscience or “gut feelings” are easy to act on. Other times, God’s will for our lives is not so clear, even scary.
At St. Andrew we affirm that God is with us always. We are learning to trust God on life’s journey at all stages. Discerning God’s purpose for your life, deepening your understanding of God’s word and how it is relevant today, and leaning into Jesus’ love with friendly people are some of the things you can experience in our worship and small groups.

Feel free, again. Marvel, once again, or for the first time, at the wonderful things God can do. Come as you are. Discover the fulfillment of a life offered in service to those in need.

Childcare is available.

Experience St. Andrew on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

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