The Caring Crafters, formally known as the Crocheting/Knitting Group, meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  Their purpose is to support St. Andrew’s missions and projects while sending God’s love to others through their handcrafted items.  The Caring Crafters are expanding beyond crocheting and knitting.  Anyone, with any type of craft, who wants to be a part of this important ministry is encouraged to attend.

The group has supplied prayer shawls for those who need comfort, baby hats to hospitals, sweaters for needy children, cosmetic bags which the Unite Methodist Women  fill for a Women’s abuse shelter and create items for the church’s Christmas Cookie Walk and Bazaar. You are needed to further spread God’s love. Join the group this coming Wednesday.

Here are some of their completed projects.

Caring Crafters angel wings prayer shawlCaring Crafters prayer shawls

Caring Crafters sweaterscrochet baby hat

Caring Crafters cosmetic bags

Caring Crafters animal hatsCaring Crafters braided cowlCaring Crafters Ginny cowl

Caring Crafters Santa hatcaring crafters button cowl